Her er du nå:  Hovedside Viking vel i havn?

Viking vel i havn?

Der kommer fantastiske meldinger fra Geneva, Chicago, der folkets stemme har talt for å bevilge en betydelig sum til restaurering av Viking!  Etter avstemminga som ble gjort over nett, seila Viking opp til en andreplass i kappløpet om pengesekken, og de $52.000 betyr definitivt begynnelsen på bergingsaksjonen, da dette var hele beløpet som det ble bedt om!

Admin   16. november 2007, kl.08:43

Det er Liz Safanda skriver:

The Viking Ship sailed into 2nd place, but of course is first in OUR hearts ( sorry for being corny ).

Last night, the American Express/ NTHP team awarded 15 grants to applicants in the PIP program; we are thrilled to report that the Viking Ship stabilization project earned its full grant - $52,000 - and a lovely plaque as well. Your combined interest and daily votes played a major role in this victory -- kudos to all of you passionate friends of the Ship.

And - wasn't it fun to vote early and often? How often do we get to do that? A friend in Mass ( well ok, a relative ) confessed that she went through a bit of withdrawal the day after the voting ended. We know that many of you voted first thing every day - often on more than one accounts. A good friend said he voted on a trip to England, and had to resort to dial-up! That is dedication.

There are articles in today's Beacon, Daily News, Trib and Chronicle - you can find more details there.

We'll keep you posted about the first steps in the Stabilization plan. Last weekend, three marine conservators

conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the ship and their final report will be our guide in the Stabilization. Their preliminary conclusion is that the ship can only be moved ONE MORE TIME.

Again, heartfelt thanks from all Friends of the Viking!


Les mer her: http://www.partnersinpreservation.com/index.php?sec=grarec


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